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Sports Day 2021

As part of our Eco-School's incentive in creating a more sustainable planet, Year 6 have spent time this week planting seeds to grow our own Leeks and tomatoes.

Aro class have been looking at the work of Claude Monet as part of our artist study for the summer term. Here are some of our attempts at re-creating his famous 'Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies' painting from 1899.

Year 6 paid their respects to Prince Philip this week ahead of his funeral by designing and creating their own informative medals.

In English we re-enacted a scene from our focus text 'War Game' by Michael Foreman. We thought about how the soldier's may have felt on their journey to the front line and the conversation that would have been taking place on board the ship.

For 'No Pens day Wednesday' we looked at multiplying fractions in Maths. However, instead of pencils, we used paint to show our learning.

In Music, we had the pleasure of taking part in a 'Rap-Workshop'. We learnt how to form lyrics quickly, following patterns of rhyming and themes.

In Religious Education, Year 6 have been looking at what it means to be human and in particular, is happiness the greatest purpose in our lives? The children then created their own 'Happiness Recipes' including ingredients of their own lives that are essential in making them truly content.

As part of our Remembrance Day celebrations, we looked at symbolic and reflective images of Remembrance and incorporated own own art work around them, using skills such as shading and sketching.

This week we have been looking at Persuasive forms of writing. We linked this to our topic work and studied a range of actual propaganda poster used during the first World War. We then designed our own emotive and persuasive propaganda poster. Here are some examples.

In Topic this week we have been looking at the conditions of a World War One Trench and what they would have been like. The children then designed and created their own trench across the week.

In English this week we have been looking at the 'Christmas Truce' by Carol Ann Duffy. We designed our own World War One match boxes based on ideas from the poem.

This week in school we had the pleasure of taking part in an African Drumming workshop. We learnt a range of drumming techniques and rhythms. Great fun was had by all.

In History this week we have been looking at the ins and outs of a World War One Trench. We then designed a blueprint plan of our own trench in preparation for creating a small-scale model after half term. 

In English this week we have been looking at improving our vocabulary using a thesaurus. We did this by creating our own front covers of the book we are studying in class, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, thinking about descriptive words to describe ourselves, interests and personalities.

In History this week, we have been looking at the recruitment process during World War One and how it encouraged so many men to go and fight for King and Country.

In R.E this week, we have been investigating the true meaning and message of the book of Genesis, focusing and illustrating Psalm 8 in particular to help us with our understanding.

In Topic this week, we have begun too look at our World War One unit, focusing on what we already know, what we would like to find out and the start of the War itself.

In English we have been looking at precepts and how they can improve our positive growth mindset. Below are some of our own attempts at creating our own precepts.

In English we have been looking at the book 'The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse' by Charlie Mackesy. We chose our favorite scene from the book and added illustrations to it.

Growth Mindset- In this lesson we discussed the idea of how making mistakes can help us to grow as individuals.

PSHE- In this lesson we looked at feedback and how we can use it as a positive to improve our Growth mindset.

Aro Class Eucharist (11.9.20) on New Beginnings

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