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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery


Welcome to Blue Class Web Page!


We are so happy you have chosen to have a look at some of the great learning we have been doing.

We hope you enjoy what what you see and come back again to view more fabulous learning.





Welcome to the Blue class web page.

I will use the web page to post some photos of activities we get up to in class as well as to give you links to other useful web pages.


If you have any suggestions of other things you would like to see on the web page please let me know.


Remember you can contact me via the school office or by emailing directly on


Kind regards,

Mr Anderson

Useful Websites

Below is a list of websites that you might find useful to help your child. 



The following websites have great suggestions for reading books for children of all ages.


School Reading List

Books for Topics


You can also log on to the oxford owl e-library to read books at home. Your log in should be in your childs reading diary. The website link is below. 

Oxford Owl e-books



Times tables rock stars is a great way for the children to practice their times tables, again their logins should be in their reading diary, if they are not then just let me know. The website is TTRS.

What we are doing this term in Year 4!

Temple, tombs and treasures


We have had a busy start to the term in Blue class. We had an afternoon being archeologists and explorers in Ancient Egypt. There was lots of digging for artefacts and sharing our knowledge together. We even did an interactive quiz to test our knowledge.

The Digestive System


Things got a bit messy in Blue class when we were discovering how the digestive system works.


Building our own digestive systems we discovered how enzymes break down food; how nutrients are absorbed into our bodies and how food passes through our intestines and is excreted from our bodies.

 Black History Month


In Blue class we have been learning about the Empire Windrush. The Windrush was a British ship that sailed from the Caribbean to England bringing families to England to help rebuild the country after the war. We have been exploring what it would have been like for a child coming to England. Reading the poem 'The Windrush Child' by John Agard, we have been planning, creating and showing our understanding of the poem  by making our own versions using stop animation.

Windrush Child by John Agard


Behind you

Windrush child

palm trees wave goodbye


above you

Windrush child

seabirds asking why


around you

Windrush child

blue water rolling by


beside you

Windrush child

your Windrush mum and dad


think of storytime yard

and mango mornings


and new beginnings

doors closing and opening


will things turn out right?

At least the ship will arrive

in midsummer light


and you Windrush child

think of grandmother

telling you don't forget to write


and with one last hug

walk good walk good

and the sea's wheel carries on spinning


and from that place England

you tell her in a letter

of your Windrush adventure


stepping in a big ship

not knowing how long the journey

or that you're stepping into history


bringing your Caribbean eye

to another horizon

grandmother's words your shining beacon


learning how to fly

the kite of your dreams

in an English sky

Windrush child

walking good walking good

in a mind-opening

meeting of snow and sun








Have a look at a snippet of our work!

Windrush Child- Stop animation

Still image for this video

Diwali Celebration


In school we have been celebrating the Hindu festival of light. It is a way of saying goodbye to old ways such as: evil for good, light for dark, ignorance for intelligence. We dressed up in some amazing clothes; had a go at Henna tattoos and made Diwali lamps to burn away the negative ways. We got to eat lunch with beautiful lamps on our tables and amazing Hindu music playing. 

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