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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery


Welcome to Green class in the Summer term 2021


We are currently learning about Paintings, Pictures and Photographs in our Art topic and have developed a range of artwork from portraits to PopArt to pointillist whole-class designs. 

Green class had an amazing day on Tuesday 29th June celebrating their sporting achievements through Sports Day, we all enjoyed the variety of activities and the children showed great teamwork and supported each other well throughout the afternoon.  The children had shared a classroom picnic before their Sports day.  Kayleigh was our Sportsperson of the day for her commitment to all events and for pushing her team on to compete in every event, well done! 

Welcome to Green class for 2020 into 2021. 


We are currently learning about our Active Planet in Theme for Geography and Animals including humans in Science.  Ask your children to tell you what they have learnt so far, what can they tell you about our Entry Point for each topic?


Monday 8th of March:

For our first full day back at school today, we did some really fun activities, including an obstacle course! The children were split into two teams and had to work together to decide how to complete the obstacle course and cheer each other on. The children shared what went well for them and what they would do better next time. We discussed the need to stretch and to warm-up before any activities. 

Today, Friday 12th February, the children in Green and Verde class came together build, design and paint volcanoes before conducting a simple scientific experiement to cause an eruption from within their volcanoes! The children used mod-roc, newspaper, masking tape and a plastic bottle to shape and design their volcanoes before painting them. Afterwards we took our volcanoes outside and using Vinegar, red food dye and Bi-carbonate of Soda, we hope to create some fabulous explosions.  Please check out the class video page as well to hopefully see videos of our volcanoes and their brilliant eruptions!

Jungle Dioramas

For "No-Screen Friday" we have been designing and building Jungles inside of a shoebox, the children were given a small amount of input about what we might find in a Jungle and then went with it. They have produced extremely creative and exciting dioramas.  We are all very impressed and amazed by the creativity and resilience to create their projects and learn new skills along the way.  

Well done to all of the children in Green class and we hope to see some of yours from home too.

10 Things in a Winter's Forest

The children in school have been working hard to create a list poem sharing what Lucy Pensieve would see in the Winter Forest as she walks through the wardrobe into Narnia. 

The children designed their poems and then read them out loud. They are in the video page for Green class. 

We hope you enjoy them too.

Explorer - Ernest Wigglesworth

During break time this morning, a mysterious bag appeared in Verde class with a letter for all of Year 3 children...

Inside the bag was a letter addressed to the children of Year 3 and some items from Ernest with a list describing the items he had provided. 

The children had a great time investigating the smells and colours of the different items bringing out lots of giggles and ideas from everyone, including the adults in the room too.


Eucharist 6.11.2020 - Peace

Last Friday (6.11.2020), the children took part in their first Eucharist of the year.  Although it was a different experience to our usual Eucharists, the children were engaged and enthusiastic in their discussions on what Peace meant to them and to Christians around the world. All the children took part in singing the hymns for our Eucharist and I have attached photos of them singing in small groups together from each song: Make me a channel of your peace; Be still and The Lord's my shepherd.  The children sang beautifully and even managed to sing in harmony for the final hymn, The Lord's my shepherd - a really moving experience when listened to during the Eucharist. 


The children came to school dressed as their favourite colour to help start the unit to The Day The Crayons Quit, a wonderful story by Oliver Jeffers.  We then discussed the emotions their crayons may have felt, or showed in the crayons' letters and got them to act that out as well. The adults joined in as well.


Ask your children why Orange and Yellow crayon aren't talking to each other anymore and how Green crayon feels about it.

African Drumming Experience

The children got the chance to learn how to use and play drums from Africa and were taught how to play to a beat and keep in time and rhythm with each other.  They all had a great time and became very confident at keeping their rhythm.

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