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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery


Hello everyone,


The class web page will allow you to see what activities and work we get up to in class. 


If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me via my school email address or through the school office. 


Best wishes,

Mrs Victor 

Our Classroom...

Well-being week


We read and enjoyed the book 'Me and my Fear' by Francesca Sanna. This book taught us what 'fear' is and how it effects us. We also learnt that fear is quite normal to have and how to deal with it.


We all created a booklet to help others across the school to deal with 'fears'. 



We love reading, playing maths games, writing and playing games with our friends

We are excited to have recorder class!

Erupting Science Lessons!

We are learning about changing materials. Reversible and irreversible changes from soluble and insoluble materials and how these react to create new solutions. 

We experimented with mento sweets and diet coke alongside sand and diet coke and compared the results and enquired as to why these changes happened. 

We love History!

In our History unit 'The Great, the Bold and the Brave', we are learning about Ancient Greece and Romans.

Here is some of our work presenting a historical even chronologically - The Persian War. 

Investigating Conductors and Insulators 

The Alchemist's Letter

Our English lessons have been based on the film 'The Alchemist's Letter'. We have thoroughly enjoyed analysing and learning from this film. We decided to create our own inventions/machines and describing how these work, using our best vocabulary along with relative clauses! 

We had so much fun being creative!

African Drumming 

Mindfulness colouring

During an Religious Education lesson we learnt about Hinduism and the importance of meditation. We used this time doing mindful colouring and clearing our minds and being still. 
Here are some of the work we produced and very proud of. 


History and Religious Education
To end off our History unit 'The Great, The Brave and The Bold' we had debates in class (convincing each other who was the best 'Greeks' or 'Romans') and a dress-up day. Alongside this, we had our termly RE Action day creating Christingles, reminding us that Jesus is the Light of the World. 

Budding astronauts 


Budding Artists in our midst 


Our island models reflecting what an 'emergency' island would need for people to survive on if they had to relocate to another island, because of climate change and the impact it has on rising sea levels. 


Mothering Sunday at St James the Great Church 

We enjoyed creating some Mothering Sunday cards for the church. This is to say thank you for all the mummies, grandmothers, aunties and carers that care for us and the community. 

Fairtrade and Nepal

We refreshed our memory with the term 'Fairtrade' and what this means and how it affects other across the world. We reminded ourselves what we can do to make a difference too. 

We also learnt more about the country Nepal. We enjoy learning about different cultures and we had a memory competition in class to challenge each other in remembering as many facts as we can over a long period of time. We learnt so many interesting things! 

Our AMAZING Sports day!


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