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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery



The National Curriculum is written with three core aims:


Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.

The joy of Mathematics lies in the ability to appreciate pattern and order in the subject and hence the universe; to solve puzzles that stimulate the brain and make us aware of the evolving nature of Mathematics and its applications.


Here at St James C of E, we encourage an enthusiasm for Mathematics as a lively and exciting subject. We achieve this by encouragement, by stimulation and by a practical approach. We endeavour to present tasks that will challenge the pupils to think and this practice will then equip them well in life.

The basis for the programme of study is the National Mathematics Curriculum (2014). The emphasis is placed on a thorough grounding of basic concepts, whilst developing investigative minds capable of problem solving.

Children need to develop a mastery of mathematics rather than achieving the next objective year on year.  The curriculum is written so that children can strengthen deeper understanding and apply knowledge into different contexts within the field of mathematics. Although it is necessary to learn and repeatedly apply basic procedures, the importance of understanding along the way is considered vital for the progression and development of mathematical knowledge. We build on each topic through our new Power Maths scheme, increasing fluency and competency layer by layer, allowing each pupil to progress comfortably. 




“In Year 1, we are learning different ways of doing things,” (Thomas, Y2).

“In Maths, we have challenges that make you think with your brain!” (Alex, Y3).

“I like Maths because I have really been trying and I am now getting the hang of it. I can use Numicon,” (Evelyn, Y2).


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