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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery




Music is being taught across the school in various ways. Teachers are confident with the Charanga resource. Music lessons are taught by music teachers: Year 3: Recorders, Year 5: Ukuleles and Year 6: Violins.


Music is consistently taught and emphasised weekly in all classes. Through song, movement, dance, relaxation, daily worship and choir (as an extra-curricular activity). Music is cross-curricular therefore is incorporated throughout many lessons throughout the week rather than just stand-alone lessons.



Music is taught through activities and through regular verbal feedback to ensure pupils can move on with their learning. Specialist music teachers are enabling children to make progress in these areas and are embedding research and skills into pupil’s long-term memory. Music flows throughout the curriculum and holds it together.  



Pupils are able to achieve because they feel successful with their learning, especially with their musical ability and skills they learn. All pupils whatever starting point they have are enabled to have equal learning opportunities and are encouraged to be ambitious and aspire to achieve great things. Music enables pupils to feel creative and experimental. Music also enables pupils to see that they have potential and musical ability giving them confidence for their next steps in their lives.


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