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Welcome to the Niebieski class web page.

I will use the web page to post some photos of activities we get up to in class as well as to give you links to other useful web pages.


If you have any suggestions of other things you would like to see on the web page please let me know.


Remember you can contact me via the school office or by emailing directly on


Kind regards,

Mrs Groves

Useful Websites

Below is a list of websites that you might find useful to help your child. 



The following websites have great suggestions for reading books for children of all ages.


School Reading List

Books for Topics


You can also log on to the oxford owl e-library to read books at home. Your log in should be in your childs reading diary. The website link is below. 

Oxford Owl e-books



Times tables rock stars is a great way for the children to practice their times tables, again their logins should be in their reading diary, if they are not then just let me know. The website is TTRS.

Year 4 End of Year Expectations

Healthy Schools 2022


Year four had a great healthy schools day on Tuesday 17th of May. We spent the day doing lots of different activities. We made fruit cups, using a variety of different fruits some of which the children hadn't tried before. They really enjoyed challenging themselves to try new fruits like blueberries, kiwis, plums and avocados. We spend a time of reflection in St James Church, with lots of good activities to try. During the afternoon we practiced some mindfulness and created a healthy gym routine. Below are some photographs of our day. 

World Book Day 2022

As you know world book day is coming and as part of the event the world book day website has a range of audio books available for children to listen to. 

The books cover a range of abilities and genre's and are available until the 31st March. 

Why not take a look?


World Book Day Audio Stories

River Models

We have been working hard the past few weeks learning all about rivers. This week we have been creating the journey of a river. The children had lots of fun creating their fabulous models. 

Eco-Day February 2022


Today we wrote raps, poems and songs about climate change and food sustainability, our Eco Topic. 

We recorded our songs, raps and poems.

I am very proud of the children and their efforts, please take a look at the videos using the link below. 


Eco Poems, Raps and Songs

Chinese New Year 2022


Our recent Eucharist in Tolerance had a lovely message as part of our activity. We recorded it again to share with our friends and family at home. Follow the link to watch the video. 


Tolerance Video Link

Christmas Carols 2021

Check out our Christmas Carol recording for 2021 on the videos page, there is a link below.

The children were one take wonders and managed to sing perfectly first time. Enjoy!

Diwali Day 2021

Science - Digestion

We have been learning about our digestive systems in science. This week we used un anatomy apron to look at how food moves through the body. Then we mimicked the digestive process using plastic bags, cream crackers, bananas, orange juice and a pair of tights. The children had great fun and learnt a lot about how their digestive process works. 

Look at the pictures below to see some of the fun. 

Year 4 Temples, Tombs and Treasures

Year 4 had a great time during our Entry point to our new topic. 

They solved puzzles, had a quiz, explored an ancient tomb and sifted through sand to find ancient treasure. 

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