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St James' Church of England

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Summer term 2021

Sports day 2021

What a great sports day we had!

Orange class had so much fun taking part in a variety of activities on the field. All children tried their very best and worked as a team! The adults in the class were super impressed with how much the children encouraged and supported each other throughout.

Mai won the certificate for being such a fantastic sports person!

We finished sports day with a picnic in our classroom(to avoid the rain!)-the perfect end to a lovely day.

Orange class have caterpillars! We are very excited to observe them as they grow, and eventually become butterflies! 

Eco Day


We had our second Eco Day today, and learnt about 'biodiversity'. As one of our activities, we went on a bug hunt to explore the ecosystems around the school!

We also made posters, encouraging people not to pick flowers, and we made bee homes!

It was another great day!

One of our wonderful class gave us a beautiful demonstration on her violin today! We were all very proud!


Orange class have been hard at work this week to recall their subtraction facts to 20. They have also learnt what a 'fact family' is, and have practiced showing the fact families for different numbers.


We had a great time today for our 'Pyjamarama day'!

We listened to and read stories, and drank hot chocolate, all whilst in our pyjamas!


Junk Modelling fun in our outside area!


In Science we have moved on to studying trees, and are been able to identify whether a tree is deciduous or evergreen! We have painted these beautiful pictures, showing a Cherry tree throughout the different seasons. Aren't they lovely?


We have continued our work on portraits by drawing our own. We have also learnt all about Vincent Van Gogh and used pastels to copy his style, using small strokes of bright colour. 

Theme: Who am I?

Our theme this term is 'Who am I?'

We are thinking about what makes us individual and how this can be shown through different types of portrait art. So far, we have focused on photography, and have learnt what we need to remember to take a good photo. As you can see, we have some budding photographers among us!

RE Judaism

In RE, we have been learning all about Judaism. We have learnt about some of the items and occasions that are special to Jewish people and today we had a go at studying some Jewish artefacts and very carefully sketching them, paying attention to detail.


Our beans have now started to have roots and shoots!

They're growing super fast!

Year One Eucharist

Today Year One had their Eucharist with Father James in St Mary's hall. 

Our theme was friendship, and the children did a fantastic job of sharing their prayers and readings.

We had made sock puppets and learnt signs to a song called 'It's Ok (please just say)' which we shared.

We were happy to be able to sing for the first time in a while, as singing hasn't been allowed for some time.

It was a great morning!

Garden Centre

We've been having great fun in our own 'garden centre' this week!

We are learning about plants in Science, and Jack and The Beanstalk in English, so we have loved learning more about plants whilst role playing!


In music, we've been learning a song called 'It's ok, please just say'. We've enjoyed learning the words and the signs for the song. We've talked about feeling sad and how talking to friends can make us feel better.

Today we made our own sock puppet friends-just like we saw in the video for the song!

English: Jack and The Beanstalk

To begin our summer term, we have started exploring the traditional tale 'Jack and The Beanstalk'.

We have been describing the setting using exciting adjectives, and have used a variety of materials to build our own castle, cottage, and beanstalk!

We have also written instructions on how to plant a bean, which we then followed in Science!

We've had a busy and fun first week back!

Science: Plants

In Science we have begun a new topic, 'Plants'.

We began by learning what the parts of a plant are, and had lots of fun exploring real plants and showing that we could identify the petal, anther, stem, leaf and roots.

We then planted beans in plastic wallets following the instructions that we wrote in our English lesson.

We are hoping that they grow as big as Jack's beanstalk!

We will keep you updated on their progress!


In maths, we are working hard on the lessons from our power maths books, where we are learning about bonds to 20.

To support this work we have enjoyed discovering a variety of different methods we can use to help us. Some of us have challenged ourselves further, with number facts to 50 and even further!


English- Goldilocks and The Three Bears

In English this term, we've been exploring the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears'. We were very surprised one morning to find that someone had made a mess in our classroom! After some detective work, we discovered that it was Goldilocks! We then had the chance to meet her and ask her questions to find out why she had been so naughty!

We enjoyed writing our own class version of the story which was called 'Jack the Cat and The Three Bunnies', and at the moment we are busy inventing our very own stories. We have been very imaginative and are learning to make our writing more exciting!

Guess Who!


Our theme this term was 'From A to B'!

We learnt about maps, including what the continents are called and where they are! We also found out the names of the seas!


In Year One, we had a fantastic 'Eco-Day'. We learnt all about a schoolgirl in Uganda who has to walk very far each day to collect water. We thought about all the ways we use water, and what we can do to save it. We then had a go at carrying a heavy bucket of water ourselves. It was very hard! 

We then made placards to draw attention to all the things that we care about, and want to look after in our world,  and had a fun walk around the school to show all of St James how important the Earth is to us!


Science- Seasonal changes

In Science this term, we've been enjoying learning about the seasons. We've been discovering why the seasons change and what differences we can notice as they do. 

We went on a 'signs of Spring' hunt and used our senses to discover how Winter was changing to Spring. For example, we saw daffodils and heard lots of birds singing. We recorded our findings onto a table and will be watching for even more signs as the weather becomes warmer. 

Recording seasonal changes


In RE, we've been learning about the story of Easter. We learnt how Jesus was welcomed to Jerusalem and the importance of palm leaves, and thought about what people may have said as he arrived. We found out about the last supper and enjoyed role playing this part of the story of Easter. We talked about Jesus emerging from the tomb, and how eggs represent new life.


Before breaking up for the Easter holiday, we decorated hard boiled eggs with colourful tissue paper, and then took them outside for an egg rolling competition! We had lots of fun, it was a great way to end our Spring term!

Egg decorating and rolling!

In Year One we have been learning about lots of different things to start off our year.


During our first term (Autumn Term one), we explored the story 'Pass it on', 'Aliens Love Underpants' and 'The Three Little Pigs' in English.


We were investigating numbers in Maths and comparing them with different symbols. We were able to explore different Maths equipment in our classroom to help us do this.


We explored different materials in Science and looked at what different materials are used to make different objects. We learnt about the properties of the materials and even did an experiment to see whether materials were waterproof or not.


We have started off Autumn Term two with learning about dinosaurs. We have also been exploring poetry and syllables.  We are doing work on the story ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet.’


We have been exploring number and have started counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths. We have also started adding numbers together and learning our number bonds to 10.


In Science, we have moved on to looking at our bodies. We are discovering what parts of our bodies we use for different activities and will go on to learn about our senses and how they help us.


Our theme for this term is ‘Time Travellers’. We started this off by looking at fire and what we can use it for. We also looked at why fire can be dangerous and what to do to keep ourselves safe from fire. We then moved on to learning about The Great Fire of London.

Remaking the Creation Story

Aliens Love Underpants

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