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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery


Hello, and welcome to Year One 2021-2022!

This year the Orange class team are: Mrs Ozbeser with Mrs Smith and Mrs English.

This year the Osan class team are: Mrs Atkins with Miss Warner and Mrs Fisher.

Autumn Term 2021



Our theme this term is 'The Great Fire of London'. We have been busy learning all about how the fire started in 1666 in a bakery in Pudding Lane in London. We have had fun role playing as bakers, and creating fire and a river with art, whilst learning about how and why the fire spread, and how the people had to escape by boat on the River Thames.



In English we have been reading a book called 'The Tower Bridge Cat' by Tee Dobinson. We have used the text to talk about London and the landmarks that we can see there, and how London may have changed since The Great Fire of London. 

We have written beautifully about the book, using our phonics knowledge to spell, and practicing our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.



In maths this term we have been practicing our number bonds to 10, using the 'part-part-whole' model to help us. We have also begun looking at money, and practicing our 10 times tables every day!




This term in Science our topic is 'Materials'. We have started off by building boats, and experimenting with different materials to see which is best. We found out that plastic was light and waterproof, so worked better than cardboard! We also tested to see whether a boat needed to be balanced. We thought about what the boats that people used during The Great Fire of London could have been made from.



In R.E this term, we are learning about 'The Creation' in Christianity. We have learnt about how God created the world in seven days, and what he created each day. We created this beautiful display to show what happened on each day!

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