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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery


Welcome to Sari Class!

Class Teacher: Ms C.Haswell

LSA: Mrs S.Padmore


Hi everyone smiley Welcome to Sari Class' page, here you will be able to see what we get up to in class and follow along with our learning! Should you wish to get in touch with me you can do so by emailing ''

We hope you enjoy visiting our class page!- Ms Haswell

A Miracle In Town!

This week, Year 2 performed their Nativity to parents and carers and did an absolutely fantastic job. We were all very proud of them and so pleased we were able to perform this. Please see below the pictures of the children in their costumes. Well done Year 2- we are so proud of you! smiley


Children in Need Day at St James

Friday 19th November 2021


Today it was Children in Need day and we were able to raise money for this by coming into school in our non-uniform and donating money to the Children in Need charity. We also were lucky enough to have pudsey biscuits made for us by the lovely kitchen staff. They made a whopping 400+ of these for the whole school to enjoy! Thank you to the hardworking kitchen staff and thank you to everyone who donated- Ms Haswell & Mrs Padmoresmiley

English- Talk for Writing- Rosa Parks Story Map Actions

This week in English, we have started a new unit on 'non-chronological reports', we have been looking at a non-chronological report this week about Rosa Parks.


At St James' we follow an English scheme called 'Talk for Writing', which encourages the children to story map their texts as well as assign actions to the story map, this encourages visual aid to the text as well as stickability. We have storymapped our report on Rosa Parks already and today began to assign the actions. Here you can see some pictures of us practising! We really love thinking about what actions to assign to the key words and we can't wait to write our own non chronological report very soon. Can you challenge your child to tell you what chronological/non-chronological means? smiley

History- Zoom with Mrs and Mr Benatti

Monday 15th November 2021


Today we had a very exciting lesson in History, where we were able to speak to some local nurses all about what is is like to be a nurse and current hospital conditions. This tied in nicely with our current topic of 'People of the Past' where we have been learning all about both Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, famous nurses of the past. The children were able to prepare some questions to ask in advance and we had a lovely Q&A session! Mr Benatti even shared some interesting facts with us, including the origin of the word 'vaccine', he told us the word 'vaccine' comes from the Latin word 'vaccinus', which originates from 'vacca' (cow), because of the use of the cowpox virus against smallpox! We also got to hear about how they trained to become nurses and what their daily routine looks like. They told us all about the current hospital conditions and these certainly sounded different to those in the Crimean War! These days our hospitals are hygienic and less crowded, we were even told that sometimes the patients in Mrs Benatti's workplace ask for directions because the hospital is that big! A massive thank you to both parents for agreeing to Zoom with the children today, they found it fascinating to speak to real life nurses and ask you their questions. 

Thank you again- Ms Haswell and Mrs Padmore smiley

Autumn Leaves- Nature Artwork 

November 2021


In PSHE the children have been working their way through the Vine Schools Trust 'Passport'. The children travel around each 'zone' of the passport, completing as many different challenges as they can! These zones differ in topics, some of which include 'Let's get creative', 'You are special', 'Let's get cooking', 'What a wonderful world' and 'Taking care of each other', just to name a few!

Mrs Padmore works hard at delivering these wonderful lessons to the children and they have loved completing some of these already. Recently we were all able to complete one on the 'What a wonderful world' zone, where we collected fallen leaves and created a nature picture.


The children enjoyed collecting their leaves for their pictures and we had a lovely time outside in the fresh air and sun. See the below images to enjoy the artwork the children produced and see how much fun we had outside!- Ms Haswell & Mrs Padmore smiley

Diwali at St James! 🪔

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021


This week the children in Sari class celebrated Diwali alongside the whole school. This was a very exciting day for all! We were very lucky in some of the activities we were able to take part in and we were even able to wear our best outfits! 


The children were able to learn about henna from our visitors and watch a demonstration of this being applied. We were able to learn lots more about the Hindu faith throughout our lessons, we performed some Diwali performance poetry in English, learnt the story of Rama and Sita in our reading lesson, and we even got to learn and sing a special Diwali song in music! The lovely ladies in the kitchen even cooked us a special celebratory lunch where we enjoyed a tasty vegetable curry. Finally, in assembly we had a visitor who showed us how a sari is worn and we were able to watch some traditional Indian dancing. We had a busy and brilliant day!


A big thank you also goes out to those parents who brought us in some tasty homemade treats to celebrate Diwali, we enjoyed samosas and a range of other delicious treats lots of us had never tried before. The children and adults are all very appreciative of your generosity. Thank you allsmiley- Ms Haswell & Mrs Padmore.

People of the Past- Year 2 History Dress Up Day

Monday 20th September 2021


Wow! Well I have to say I was so impressed to see so many of our class members arrive on Monday in their amazing costumes for our History Entry Point. We had so many compliments throughout the day from other members of staff and other children in the school who were so impressed with the effort we had all put in. It was a great turn out and lots of children came in with some great facts about their famous person that they had dressed as, they had clearly done their research- I was very impressed! 


We had a great range of famous people in our classroom; to name a few we had Cleopatra, King Arthur and Queen Elizabeth, Soldiers and Nurses to Anna Pavlova, Neil Armstrong, Simone Biles and even Ed Sheeran! The children really enjoyed doing their parade around the school to show off their costumes, alongside learning some facts about famous people of the past in our first history lesson. Can your child tell you some facts about a famous person of the past we have looked at this week? We have looked at...Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Dr Martin Luther King, Emmeline Pankhurst and Neil Armstrong.  We are really looking forward to learning more about some of these individuals as we progress to look at historial timelines and hospital conditions in the Crimean War.


Ms Haswell & Mrs Padmore smiley

People of the Past- History Dress Up Day

Year 2 Vocabulary List


Take a look at our vocabulary list below to see what vocabulary we are going to be learning and using in Year 2. These words will soon become very familiar with the children as we progress throughout the curriculum and I am sure they will be able to discuss the meanings with you! 


Vocabulary plays an important part within our classroom, it promotes children's reading comprehension, as well as other areas of communication including; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Take a look at this half-term's vocabulary list and feel free to discuss these words with the children at home.

Welcome to Year 2! 


Hello everyone! Welcome to Year 2. I will be your class teacher this year, Ms Haswell smiley

I wanted to let you know some important things to help prepare you for the school year...


In our classroom we will have the lovely Mrs Padmore to help us with our learning. Our PE lessons will be on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning. Please come dressed in your PE kit on Tuesday only. 



In Maths we will be starting to learn about 'place value' and the place value of 2 and 3 digit numbers. You will learn how to add and subtract numbers on a number line, using dienes and the written method. 



We are going to be reading and learning about a new book called 'The Secret Sky Garden'. During English you will learn to write some fantastic stories, write instructions and even write your own recount. 



We love reading in Year 2! We hope you will enjoy taking your reading books home to your family and showing them your fabulous reading. We will be reading a range of different books in Year 2. You will learn to ask and answer questions about a text, make predictions and complete comprehension questions. 



In Year 2, you will take part in daily phonics lessons where you will learn lots of different sounds to help you with your reading and writing. 



Our Theme lesson this term is based on History, we will learn about some fascinating people from the past. We will learn about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Neil Armstrong. I wonder if you can think of any other famous people of the past? 



In RE, we will learn all about the story of 'Creation'! You will learn about how God created the world and how we can show God's love by keeping his world and creation safe. 



Our Science topic this half term is 'Materials', you will be taking part in fun investigations and experiments to help you learn interesting facts about all the different materials. 


We can't wait to meet you all soon and get settled in, we are so looking forward to learning lots of new things together this year and we hope you are too!


Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at '' or by phoning the school office on 01206 865747 smiley

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