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Volcano Leaflets

The children in Verde class researched various different volcanoes from around the world for our Geography topic. They were then tasked with turning their notes into an information. This also linked with our English writing unit.

Below are some examples of our fantastic writing.

Return to School- Obstacle Course!

Monday 8th of March:

For our first full day back at school today, we did some really fun activities, including an obstacle course! The children loved this and they even had the chance to make their own obstacle course to challenge the other team.

Obstacle Course- Monday 8th March

Today, Friday 12th February, the children in Green and Verde class came together build, design and paint volcanoes before conducting a simple scientific experiement to cause an eruption from within their volcanoes! The children used mod-roc, newspaper, masking tape and a plastic bottle to shape and design their volcanoes before painting them. Afterwards we took our volcanoes outside and using Vinegar, red food dye and Bi-carbonate of Soda, we hope to create some fabulous explosions. Please check out the class video page as well to hopefully see videos of our volcanoes and their brilliant eruptions!

Explorer -

Ernest Wigglesworth

During break time this morning, a mysterious bag appeared in Verde class...

Inside the bag was a letter addressed to the children of Year 3.

There was also a list of items that was inside the bag.

Egg Drop Investigation

On Friday 15th January 2021, Verde Class were challenged to protect an egg as it was dropped from a tall height. They were given a small range of objects that might help them and they also needed to design their protective device. These objects included balloons, paper clips, plastic bags and paper.

The children (and adults) had a fun but competitive time creating their protective devices but sadly none of the eggs survived...

The children were able to discuss their learning and remodel their devices after their first attempt.

Stone Age Cave Art

On 5th November 2020, Verde Class learned about how Stone Age people made their cave paintings. We also tried to create our own telling a story.

Can you read our storys?

Meet Eddie Lizzard - our new class mascot

On Friday morning, 25.09.20,  we had a new visitor to our class. He was rescued from outside and we named him Eddie.

After meeting him, Mrs Herring returned Eddie to the wildlife area because that is where he would be safer.

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