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Sports Day 2021

As part of our Eco-School incentive in creating a more sustainable world, Year 6 have been planting fruit and vegetable seeds. This week it was tomatoes and Leeks.

Violet Class having been looking at the work of Claude Monet as part of our artist study for the summer term. Here are some of our attempts at recreating his famous 'Bridge over a pond of Water Lilies' painting from 1899.

Year 6 paid their respects to Prince Philip this week ahead of his funeral by designing and creating tyheir own informative medals.

24.11.2020 Today we had a Rap Workshop with a rapper called Kenny. We learnt how to write and record our own raps about our home towns.

In Violet Class we have been making grammar flashcards to help us improve our diary writing skills. We are happy to send these home so you can have your own grammar quiz at home :-)

We are really enjoying using the new school laptops where we are learning to touch type to improve our typing speed!

As part of our History focus in Topic, we have been looking at the conditions of a World War Trench. We then designed and created our own WW1 trenches, looking to include key details such as barbed wire and sandbags. See if you can spot any in the images below.

As part of our Remembrance Day celebrations, we looked at symbolic and reflective images of Remembrance and incorporated own own art work around them, using skills such as shading and sketching.

In our new unit in English, we have started to focus on texts relating to Michael Foreman's 'War Game'. As an opening lesson we discussed why we exchanged gifts at Christmas and how that has changed since World War One. We then decorated match boxes in the style they would have been found during the war.

In Science we have been looking at adaption and inheritance. We looked at the book 'Moth' By Isabel Thomas to help us understand the process of adaption that the Pepper-Winged Moth undertook during the industrial revolution.

In English we have been looking at precepts, using our focus text 'The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse' as a stimulus. We then created our own precepts and artwork in the style of Charlie Mackesy.

In Violet Class we have spent the beginning of the term getting to know one another, exploring ways in which we can have fun this year and how we can all help each other learn and be the best versions of ourselves blush

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