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Water Waste

Action Plans

In Green Class, we are focusing on Water Waste and looking at ways to improve the use of Water around the school as well as decreasing the amount of Water that we are wasting on a daily basis.  In Green class we have begun to use waste water to water our class plants and sunflowers as well as discussing the Water Bill with Mrs Meike and reading the Water meters around school with Mr Cracknell.

Green Class Eco Board and Action Plan

Orange class action plan

We've been busy in Year One, making sure that any water we use for play is then used to water our plants. We are learning not to waste water!

In Year One, we have been learning about all of the different ways that we use water and thinking about what we can do to save it. We decided that we can turn taps off whilst cleaning our teeth, only fill up a glass of water as much as we need, and use waste water to water plants.

We enjoyed learning all about a school girl in Uganda who has to walk for a long way to collect water every morning. We then had a go at carrying a big bucket of water and we agreed that we are all very lucky that we have water in our taps whenever we need it. We are going to do our best to be very careful with our precious water, and to teach our adults to as well!

Water Waste - Rainbow Class

In Rainbow Class we have also been discussing how can save and re-use water. Together we created an action plan with some ideas.

Firstly, we have decided to use the dirty water in our water tray to water the plants in our class and garden at the end of the every day.

Next we are going to focus on how we can save water when hand washing. We are going to do this by only using one tap and turning it off quickly. 

Our last focus will be on saving water from our water bottles. We are going to try super hard not to spill our water and we will be filling up our bottles to half way only to ensure we don't waste any water.

Year 1 learned about waste in general and how this affects our planet. We held a protest to make our voices heard around the school. 

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