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St James' Church of England

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Chinese New Year

On Tuesday, we had Chinese New Year! We all came to school dressed up in red and read the story Dragons in the city. Later we had a visitor who was dressed in traditional Chinese clothes and taught us about Chinese New Year and Chinese Caligraphy!

Today we celebrated Diwali! We were all invited to dress in our nicest clothes, we had visitors who allowed us to try Henna. We wrote our very own poetry about Diwali and performed this in class. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita. 


We had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning about the festival of lights! 

In our RE learning we have been remembering the story of 'Creation'. The children worked in groups to express the different days of creation. Can you recognise the different days?

Year 2 Vocabulary List Take a look at our vocabulary list below to see what vocabulary we are going to be learning and using in Year 2. These words will soon become very familiar with the children as we progress throughout the curriculum and I am sure they will be able to discuss the meanings with you! Vocabulary plays an important part within our classroom, it promotes children's reading comprehension, as well as other areas of communication including; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Take a look at this half-term's vocabulary list and feel free to discuss these words with the children at home. Vocabulary List Year 2 Aut 1.pdf

Monday 20th September 2021


Wow! Well I have to say I was so impressed to see so many of our class members arrive on Monday in their amazing costumes for our History Entry Point. We had so many compliments throughout the day from other members of staff and other children in the school who were so impressed with the effort we had all put in. It was a great turn out and lots of children came in with some great facts about their famous person that they had dressed as, they had clearly done their research- I was very impressed! 


We had a great range of famous people in our classroom; to name a few we had Cleopatra, King Arthur and Queen Elizabeth, Soldiers and Nurses to Anna Pavlova, Neil Armstrong, and some incredible disney princesses! The children really enjoyed doing their parade around the school to show off their costumes, alongside learning some facts about famous people of the past in our first history lesson. Can your child tell you some facts about a famous person of the past we have looked at this week? We have looked at...Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Dr Martin Luther King, Emmeline Pankhurst and Neil Armstrong.  We are really looking forward to learning more about some of these individuals as we progress to look at historial timelines and hospital conditions in the Crimean War

Welcome to Year 2! 


I will be your class teacher this year ' Mrs Patrick' in our classroom we will have Miss Osborne and Mrs Camper to help with our learning. Our PE lessons will be on Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning. Please come dressed in your PE kit on Tuesday only. 



In Maths we will be starting to learn about 'place value' and the place value of 2 and 3 digit numbers. You will learn how to add and subtract numbers on a number line, using dienes and the written method. 



We are going to be learning the book of 'the secret sky garden'. During English you will learn to write some fantastic stories, write instructions and write your own recount. 



We love reading in Year 2! We hope you will enjoy taking your reading books home to your family and show them your fabulous reading. We will be reading a range of different books in Year 2. You will learn to ask and answer questions about a text, make predictions, complete comprehension questions. 



In Year 2, you will take part in daily phonic lessons where you will learn lots of different sounds to help you with your reading and writing. 



Our Theme lesson this term is based on History, we will learn about some fascinating people from the past. We will learn about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Neil Armstrong. 



In Re, we will learn all about the story of 'creation'! You will learn about how God created the world and how we can show God's love by keeping his world and creation safe. 



Our Science topic this half term is 'materials', you will be taking part in fun investigations and experiments to help you learn about the different materials. 

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