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St James' Church of England

Primary School & Nursery

Young Carers

St. James’ Church of England Primary School and Nursery is committed to developing provision for young carers and their families.


We know that many of the pupils at our school can be considered young carers because they:

  • Have a brother or sister with SEND
  • Have a parent with mental health difficulties
  • Have a parent with physical health needs
  • Have witnessed domestic violence in their home
  • Have witnessed alcohol or substance mis-use in their home
  • Translate for their parent
  • Have a parent with a visual or hearing impairment

We support our young carers by:

  • Helping them to attend school regularly
  • Having two Young Carers Leads, Mrs Fellows and Mrs Morelli, as well as a Young Carers Governor
  • Making sure that information about our children is only shared with permission from parents
  • Making a referral to Young Carers Essex if appropriate so that pupils can receive support and access to extra-curricular activities through a key worker.

We will strive to achieve best practice for children and families in our school in order to provide them with the best chance of success in their future.

Young Carers Leads

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